Project: Exterior design for a country house

Type of project: Exterior remodeling

Date: 2020

Phase: Built (in finishes)

Description: With the emergence of the pandemic we are suddenly obliged to a physical recollection in our intimate spaces as we had never lived and with this increases awareness of the importance that the enjoyment of the outdoor spaces have in our quality of life. Thus, the search to improve the use and create new functions to existing outdoor spaces is growing.

This project went through giving a new framework to a watering tank already existing in a country house, former agricultural property. The tower was first demolished, already obsolete, of the old water tank that caused shading in the tank and then added two contiguous platforms to the plan of entry into the water. A simple shading structure has been added on one of the over-elevated platforms.

The new platforms, coated in composite deck, constitute as spaces of living and support to the tank. Facing south, they were located at both ends of the tank in order to increase the perception of its length and diversify the access points to the water. Its location overlooking the house also allowed to visually connect the recreated area of the tank to other existing leisure areas.