• architecture

    Development and monitoring of all types of projects from conception to implementation.

  • topography

    Georeferenced topographic surveys of land and buildings.

  • Specialty Projects

    Preparation of all engineering specialties indispensable to obtain approval in the licensing of a project.

  • Measurements and budgets

    Map of quantities, budget estimate and specifications.

  • 3D Visualization

    Maquetes; Virtual 3D models; Drawings.

  • Works

    From small renovations of kitchens and bathrooms, including expansion works and alteration of shops, offices, apartments, houses and buildings, to the construction of new dwellings.

  • Supervision of works

    Organization and coordination of the work to be carried out on site for quality control and compliance with the project, compliance with deadlines, costs and quantities, as well as safety at work and environmental monitoring.

  • Real estate

    Architectural consultancy to support the purchase and sale of real estate.