Project: Study of urban land building

Type of project: New construction

Date: 2020

Phase: consultation

Description: The aim of this study was to make an analysis of the existing legislation applicable to a certain parcel of land in order to conclude on the possibilities of carrying out any urban operations, namely allotment and building. The portion was framed in the municipal plans (Municipal Master Plan and Urbanization Plans) and the Regulations of the Urbanization Plan and Urban Operations of the Municipality were analyzed.

It was concluded that for the northern part of the parcel, it is allowed to perform any urban operation – allotment, urbanization or construction – for uses that can range from housing, tourist enterprises, services, commerce, restaurants, beverages or all kinds of equipment.

By way of example, three possibilities of permitted urban operations were presented. As the MDP predicts that the pavement areas are predominantly housing, the 1st example reflected the possibility of building a family home, the second example the possibility of highlighting the plot for the construction of two autonomous houses and the 3rd example the possibility of building four single-family houses after allotment of this land area. It is estimated that the total gross area of construction allowed is between 400 and 520m2 depending on the desired land use.