Project: Rural tourism – Companhia das Culturas*

Type of project: Technical assistance to the work of expansion / alteration

Date: 2007

Phase: Built

Description: Following the approval of the licensing project for the expansion and alteration of a set of ruins on an agricultural property, developed in the Arq atelier. Pedro Ressano Garcia, was provided technical assistance to the work through collaboration in the development of detailing of some elements of interior and exterior design.

The project aimed to create an alternative to mass tourism that characterizes the Algarve and is part of a concept of Sustainable and Organic Ecotourism. The target audience is the true traveler who seeks authenticity in the places where he travels.

In this sense it was intended that the recovery of the building would also preserve the authenticity of its construction time, introducing in its design a clearly contemporary language both in its layout and in the choice of materials used.

This designed unique pieces to punctuate the customization of the various environments. In one of the rooms comes a furniture suspended from the ceiling, which not only reorganizes the belongings, but also the intimacy of the place; in a common room, a heat recovery that illuminates and directs the gaze; outside, a new stootomy for a floor in colored cement that marks the entrance.

*project elaborated in the atelier and in collaboration with Arq. Pedro Ressano Garcia