Project: Pombaline building

Type of project: Technical assistance to the work of expansion /alteration

Date: 2010 -2011

Phase: Built

description: After obtaining the building permit of a licensing project, authored by another office, for the expansion and alteration of a multifamily building and without the existence of an execution project or specifications to guide the work, the Inspection for the Construction Owner of this works was initiated.

The licensing project proposed respect and reinforcement for the pombaline structure existing in this 4-storey building. Due to the state of general deterioration that the building presented, the work was quite deep and eventually included significant demolition and reconstruction of the building.

To fill the project gaps, technical assistance was also provided on site where the implementation of the different specialties was ensured; addressed the problems encountered during the work inherent in the rehabilitation of an old building; technical documents submitted by the suppliers or contractors of the work were appreciated and architectural details of the fires and common spaces were developed. In the end, the final screens were delivered to the Construction Owner.