Project: Modular house – Clickhouse project*

Type of project: Modular house research

Data: 2014 – 2015

Phase: Built

Descrição: The theme of emergency housing arises today with the need to develop quick solutions for shelter / habitability that allow a more effective response to the loss / forced abandonment of own housing by populations affected by the most diverse situations of humanitarian crisis. Answers are sought for more than 50 million people across the globe. In light of this theme, a Clickhouse research project was developed in a partnership between IST, UM and the company “ALTO, perfis pultrudidos, Lda.” Which aimed at the development of a prefabricated modular housing prototype in advanced composite materials, namely in glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP).

The architectural development of this solution was the result of studying the architectural and construction requirements of transitional housing in typified climates; the analysis of the constructive constraints of the chosen material; and architectural opportunities to improve the internal conditions of the shelter, as well as its functionality and ability to adapt to different uses.

It is expected that the modular system achieved will have logistical and economic difficulties to implement in emergency situations, but due to the flexibility of aggregating modules and the potential for combining its prefabricated components, it offers a huge variety of solutions, which can be quite interesting for other purposes.

* project developed within the scope of a research scholarship at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) under the guidance of Arq. António Barreiros Ferreira