Project: Kitchen refurbishments

Type of project: Interior refurbishments

Date: 2011 – 2012

Phase: project

Description: It is often the heart of a house being the kitchen, or was it not the term fire still today used to describe a dwelling. No fire, fire, oven there was no house, but something else.

The place where food is prepared and made is always the space that is easily associated with the physical and emotional comfort of the home.

The kitchen is also one of the most technical spaces in the house. It has to work to make the house work well. It incorporates different equipment to preserve, heat, cool and cook food. It is a space for storage and organization of an ever-increasing paraphernalia of utensils. It is therefore a space very exposed to physical wear and technological de-updates of materials and appliances.

A kitchen should therefore be a well thought out and planned space in a dwelling, either as part of a new construction project and as part of an interior remodeling of the house.