Project: House in the Rego Neighborhood in Lisbon*

Type of project: Expansion /Change Licensing

Date: 2006 – 2008

Phase: Built (2010)

Description: The project to expand and change a small single storey house in The Rego District arises from the need for the owners to adapt their house, built in 1933, to the size of their family and to the present times.

The villa is part of a set of 8 houses that over time have undergone some alterations and misrepresented, so it was proposed with this expansion that predicted the creation of a basement and a new floor, to preserve the original reading of the scale of the urban set where it is included.

For this, it was preserved the maintenance of the slope of the façade to the street and the slope of the main water, climbing the ridge line of the roof in only 0.50m, reserving the large expansion in the volume of the building to the rear elevation, visually inaccessible from the public space.

In order to be able to contemplate the whole program in such a contained volume – a house of typology T3 with two Sanitary Facilities – the introduction of two traps on the water of the main roof was used.

The creation of the wider and conventional trap allows to house another room, while the round trap allows the entrance of light to the communication stairs between the two floors and simultaneously the library of the house.

*project elaborated in the atelier and in collaboration with Arq. Pedro Ressano Garcia