Project: House in Quinta do Lago

Type of project: Prior communication

Date: 2016 – 2017

Phase: Built

Description: The project to expand and change a villa located in Quinta do Lago arose from the need to adapt a detached house designed in 1986 by a Surveyor to its new owners – a family consisting of three generations including children.

As it was part of an area covered by allotment operation, it was decided to instruct a process of prior communication of the works that were intended to be carried out. The intervention was surgical and consisted mainly of improving the conditions of accessibility and enjoyment of the spaces of the house that contained steps, uneven and superfluous barriers, but also an inaccessible terrace.

A platform about 50 cm high was eliminated that created an unnecessary gap between the entrance hall, the living room and the compartment initially destined for the garage now converted into the Children’s Room. A new social sanitary installation was created and the existing one was transformed into a bathroom en suite with the new bedroom.

At the outside level there was a direct communication of the Hall of vertical circulations, finally making accessible the terrace and viewpoint of the house. The walls that confined the terrace uncovered to the west were also eliminated and conditioned its use, increasing it by about 20m2. To maintain urban and landscape integration, the work followed the same constructive and material techniques already used in housing.