Project: Ground floor reconversion

Type of project: Change of use for Housing

Date: 2019 – 2020

Phase: Implementation project

Description: This project arose from the need of the owner to request, in an urban area consolidated with an Urban Rehabilitation Detail Plan in force, the change in the use of a commercial fraction for housing use, in addition to giving it conditions of habitability. The works intended to be carried out are works of interior remodeling, without alteration in the facades or alteration in the existing structure of the property and therefore are works exempt from licensing or prior communication.

One of the difficulties of the project was the fact that the fraction was semi-buried, i.e. being RC floor in the confrontation with the street, but floor in Cave in the confrontation with the interior of the block. This feature together with the elongated geometry of the plant makes it difficult to predict good natural lighting and ventilation throughout the space, conditions that are essential to ensure the suitability of the fraction for the intended purpose.

Thus the project aimed to create a large apartment of typology T1, paying special attention to the design of the distribution of spaces, to ensure that all habitable compartments kept window to the outside. A large translucent sliding panel was also designed to offer greater versatility in the use of the apartment.