Project: Duplex in Picoas

Type of project: Expansion /Change Licensing

Date: 2018 – 2020

Phase: Project approved

Description: The building to be intervened belongs to a non-homogeneous block front of 4 buildings, being the lowest of the set, leaning from one side to a building with 2 more floors, where the top floor is retreated.

The project intends to expand one of the two apartments of the top floor habitable through the appropriation of the attic immediately above this and whose exclusive use already belongs to the same owner, creating an apartment in Duplex.

Thus it is achieved that a common apartment in a central and already consolidated urban area of Lisbon goes from about 75m2 to 180m2 of useful area.

In the small expansion of the roof of the building (ascent of the ridge quota in less than 1m high) and keeping the two waters, the configuration of the roof is changed by introducing four new traps. The traps align vertically with the spans of the facades and are indented in compliance with the maximum volume allowed.

These changes allow to provide the attic space with habitability conditions, namely good lighting and natural ventilation, thermal and acoustic insulation of the roof and ample right foot.