Project: Building in Graça

Type of project: Expansion/Change Licensing

Date: 2018 – 2020

Phase: Project approved

Description: The property where you want to intervene, although commonly used, belongs to an architectural set of the Municipal Charter of Built and Landscape Heritage in Lisbon, and is in a protection area for properties of National interest. It is proposed with the expansion, at about 3.5 m high, to help to fill the adjacent gable and promote greater continuity in the urban front of which it is part.

The project aims to build a new floor (height magnification); the alteration of the frames on the facades; changing the overall configuration of the coverage; the alteration of the interior compartmentalization of some existing fractions and the change in the configuration of the core of the vertical circulations of the building.

The intervention provides for the maintenance of the characteristics of the whole and the building, using the light steel construction for the climb of one floor and the homogenization of the design of the facade sands with PVC frames. Provides for the replacement of the current roof of marseille tile for heave tile.

In the spatial organization of the new apartments we tried to provide good lighting, ventilation and enjoyment between the different spaces, repositioning for this the wetlands to a more central area of the apartments, freeing the areas next to the nascent and west facades to arrange the private areas of the Rooms and the social areas of the Rooms, respectively.