Project: Apartment in Benfica

Type of project: Total refurbishment

Date: 2019 – 2020

Phase: Built

Description: The great challenge of this project was to be able to transform a 2 bedroom apartment with just over 80m2 of gross construction area in an apartment of typology T3 with two Sanitary Facilities, without compromising both the operation and the enjoyment of the house.

The apartment has the advantage of having good natural lighting, developing over three fronts – East, North and West – and being traversed by a long balcony that also allows you to connect through the outside the different compartments and gain a greater desafogo.

The area available to meet the objective was not much, so had to give up having an autonomous kitchen and choose to integrate a kitchenette in the social area of the house. The space of circulation and distribution was reduced to the essential – the entrance hall – taking advantage of this passage area to incorporate the storage area as well.

To achieve the intended it was necessary to carry out a total remodeling of the apartment. The technical staff were repositioned and redone the water, sanitation and electricity networks. The wetlands – kitchenette and main sanitary installation – were repositioned in the plant in order to make better use of the location of the existing spans, having with it the kitchenette, located in the heart of the renovated house, acquired a great prominence and protagonism.