Building licensing

Construction licensing is the form of prior control by municipalities that still a large majority of construction, reconstruction, expansion, alteration, conservation or demolition of buildings, is subject to article 4 of art. 4 of the current Legal Regime of Urbanization and Building.

The city licensing process is usually divided into two phases. In the first, only the Architecture project is submitted for approval, so that in the second one the various engineering specialties are submitted. This is also why it is a more time-consuming process.

The licensing project consists not only of the delivery of the drawn pieces (plants, elevations, cuts and construction details), but also by written parts and various other elements and documents.

Although one can choose to deliver all projects simultaneously – Architecture and Specialties – as a way to try to save time in the appreciation of the project, there is a risk that if the chamber requests any change to the Architecture project, thus adding unnecessary costs to the client in the review of all other specialties projects.