Architectural studio

Oficina de Arquitectura is an architectural studio based in Lisbon. We understand “oficina” as a place of manual work; a place to repair buildings that are or have become dysfunctional; a place where solutions are tested to solve problems in our built spaces.


architectural studio

We want to create spaces that inspire our customers to live better!

Spaces that place the realization of the aspirations of each client in the center of each project.

We believe that in a lot of construction architecture is lacking and that when we neglect the importance that the space where we move has on our physical comfort and psychological well-being this has a negative impact on our ability to function on a day-to-day life.

Without architecture we live less inspired, less motivated. It does not give us pleasure to remain in the spaces where we live, in the spaces where we work. Without realizing it we want to get out of them early and we want to get into them later, we want to be somewhere else and we have difficulty staying in them.

In the architecture we seek, it is our goal to build significant spaces for the people who will live in them. We want, in a way, to inspire our customers to live much better!


architectural office

We help our clients in obtaining spaces with quality and personalized design, by offering an integrated consulting service in real estate investment and architectural design. We provide services in:


Face-to-face or online meeting with the client; Visit to the construction site; Studies of building and land building.

Interior and exterior refurbishment

Development of the Architecture project with delivery of the necessary elements for the correct definition of the remodeling that is intended to be carried out.

Architectural Projects

Legalization of existing buildings;

Request for prior information (PIP);

Prior communication;

Building licensing;


Technical assistance to the work

Clarification of doubts in the interpretation of projects; providing additional information on project ambiguities or omissions; Assessment of technical documents.

Team and Partners

  • architecture

    Development and monitoring of all types of projects from conception to implementation.

  • topography

    Georeferenced topographic surveys of land and buildings.

  • Specialty Projects

    Preparation of all engineering specialties indispensable to obtain approval in the licensing of a project.

  • Measurements and budgets

    Map of quantities, budget estimate and specifications.

  • 3D Visualization

    Mockups; Virtual 3D models; Drawings.

  • Works

    From small renovations of kitchens and bathrooms, including expansion works and alteration of shops, offices, apartments, houses and buildings, to the construction of new dwellings.

  • Supervision of works

    Organization and coordination of the work to be carried out on site for quality control and compliance with the project, compliance with deadlines, costs and quantities, as well as safety at work and environmental monitoring.

  • Real estate

    Architectural consultancy to support the purchase and sale of real estate.

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